The Lost Symbol – The Secrets of the Freemasons in Dan Brown’s Latest Novel

The incredibly effective dispatch of Dan Brown’s most recent contribution, ‘The Lost Symbol’ will undoubtedly stir individuals’ interest and interest in the puzzling and antiquated association known as The Freemasons. Dan Brown’s book, The Lost Symbol, follows the indominatable Robert Langdon in a test of skill and endurance to safeguard his dear companion and confided in coach, Peter Solomon, from a puzzling seizing. The disastrous Peter Solomon additionally turns out to be ‘The Supreme Worshipful Master’ of the Masonic Lodge of Washington DC. The somewhat unnerving, inked criminal has figured out how to penetrate the Washington Masonic Lodge up to the most elevated and most mysterious position (the 33rd Degree). Consequently ‘The Lost Symbol’ the two revolves around and gives occasion to feel qualms about some light a portion of the secret and ceremonies encompassing the Masons. Visit :- ไลน์กลุ่มลับ

Presently, I have consistently been very keen on anything clandestine and selective (let’s be honest despite the fact that Dan Brown examines a female branch) the Masons are generally notable as an elite fraternity. I do recollect attempting to convince my most skilled sibling numerous years prior to join a Masonic Lodge in Cambridge during his college days, to invade the Masons just to tell me every one of the mysterious customs and ways of thinking included. Tragically, he denied. Until as of late, the two most normal ideas that the word ‘Artisan’ used to invoke for the non-started masses, including myself, would in general be the ‘secret handshake’- no one knows very what this involves yet there are a larger number of hypotheses than real potential handshakes and the moved up pant leg, again no one was very certain which pant leg yet the notice of ‘The Masons’ all things considered supper tables would have someone jumping up to move up a pant leg and bounce about. 

Dan Brown, at the absolute starting point of his book has incorporated a page named ‘Certainty’ and states that, 

“All ceremonies, science, craftsmanship, and landmarks in this novel (The Lost Symbol) are genuine”. 

Earthy colored proceeds to depict, in some detail, secret Masonic commencement ceremonies. A significant piece of the greater part of these customs has all the earmarks of being a carrying on of precisely what might befall a Mason if the insider facts of the fraternity were to be uncovered. One inception service includes a stately knife squeezed to the start’s uncovered chest while he wears a stylized velvet hood before a detailed special raised area. Disciplines laid out should the ‘Secrets of the Freemasons’ be uncovered at this level incorporate,

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